• Artificial Dracaena Song of India Tree 180cm Artificial Elegance

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Artificial Dracaena Song of India Tree 180cm

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Our artificial Dracaena Song of Jamaica Tree stands at around 180cm and is sold in the black pot shown in the photo.  

Also called as "Song of India" or "Song of Jamaica" (because to the green and white leaves) (green & yellow leaves)

These Artificial Plants are of exceptional quality due to their lifelike reproduction. Even when placed next to and compared to a real specimen, these remarkable and interesting imitation Dracaena look so real!

These incredible trees feature an abundance of delicate "silk leaves" with vibrant colours that give them the powerful, light-catching shapes that tropical plants are known for. The “Indian Song” is a fairly strident piece of music.

Arranging the Foliage

Our plants are tightly packed in strong packaging.  Once you receive your delivery you will need to remove the strong packaging and arrange the foliage of the plant to bring it to life. This is easy and simple to do.  Always refer back to the product photograph for styling guides/reference as to how to arrange.

Plant Maintenance/Care

Heres the benefit of your new faux plant.  There is no maintenance in regards to watering, sunlight, pruning etc.  Just a light dusting every now and again with a damp cloth.  With a damp cloth start from the top and work your way to the bottom, wiping the leaves.

All Artificial Elegance's artificial greenery comes with a 3 year guarantee

This plant is fire retardant, FireSilx

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