Artificial Green Walls

Artificial living walls are replicas of green living walls, we provide the highest quality, the most realist artificial green walls on the market today.  Most are Inherently fire retardant, certified FireSilx.

Our artificial living walls are commercial grade quality, not like the cheaper versions available for sale (Firesilx). 

All our wall greenery and plants that are produced to complement specific indoor and outdoor areas.  Artificial plant walls can be tailored to fit specific areas, as well as match the colour of your space.  Our FireSilx range of artificial green walls are certified and can be used as cladding on buildings.

  • Delivery is between 3-7 days.

Please see our blog page (bottom of home page) for our Guide on Installation.

INSTALLATION SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE!!!  Please email for estimate

Our walls are highest realistic grade, not like cheap, plastic looking versions on the market today!!!

If you require a bespoke artificial green wall, please click the link below

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