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Artificial Alocasia Tree

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Artifical Alocasia Tree, presently very on trend

This artificial Alocasia Colocasia, often known as the Elephant Ear Plant, has huge, striking green leaves that correspond to its namesake. A magnificent focal piece that gives any space a tropical, jungle-like feel. We believe you'll be delighted to have this elephant in your room because he measures an astounding 120 cm.

True or false? With our expert potting advice, nobody will ever know! Our Plant People advise placing your artificial plant in the centre of your selected container, then filling the empty area around it with your preferred filler (newspaper, cardboard, anything goes!) before covering with a few centimetres of soil or pebbles. Also, this will keep your fake plant stable and secure.

We think that everyone deserves to experience the satisfaction of being a plant parent and that we all deserve to live in houses that are brimming with lovely greenery.

Keeping live plants is just not an option for people who have poor lighting, pets, or who are frequently away from home. The answer? Falsify it! Your lovely fake plant appears very authentic and requires the least amount of maintenance thanks to its high quality, long-lasting materials. It will continue to look lively no matter how long your holidays or how little light you have.

You won't be shocked to learn how little upkeep an artificial plant requires! Yet, there are a few things you can do to maximise yours:

Your plant will arrive in a container of its own, however for stability, we advise putting it in a stylish pot of your choice.
Every few weeks, dust your plant with a moist towel.
Keep your artificial plants indoors to avoid sun or wind damage, fading, or broken leaves because our artificial plants are not UV-resistant.
Your plant can withstand being bent into position, so go ahead and do it!
Size: W21cm x H130cm Other names include taro, elephant ear, and alocasia
excludes the ornamental pot.


Inherently fire retardant, FireSilx

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